Integer numbers follow C-style format with support for decimal, binary (’0b‘), octal (’0o‘) and hex (’0x‘) notations.

The default system integer type (also aliased to INT) is i64. It can be turned into i32 via the only_i32 feature.

Floating-point numbers are also supported if not disabled with no_float. The default system floating-point type is i64 (also aliased to FLOAT). It can be turned into f32 via the f32_float feature.

_‘ separators can be added freely and are ignored within a number – except at the very beginning or right after a decimal point (’.‘).

123_345, -42INT in decimal
0o07_76INT in octal
0xabcd_efINT in hex
0b0101_1001INT in binary
123_456.789, -42.FLOAT