Raw Engine

Engine::new creates a scripting Engine with common functionalities (e.g. printing to the console via print).

In many controlled embedded environments, however, these may not be needed and unnecessarily occupy application code storage space.

Use Engine::new_raw to create a raw Engine, in which only a minimal set of basic arithmetic and logical operators are supported (see below).

To add more functionalities to a raw Engine, load packages into it.

Built-in Operators

OperatorsAssignment operatorsSupported for types
(see standard types)
+,+=INT, FLOAT (if not no_float), char, ImmutableString
-, *, /, %, ~,-=, *=, /=, %=, ~=INT, FLOAT (if not no_float)
<<, >><<=, >>=INT
&, |, ^&=, |=, ^=INT, bool
&&, ||bool
==, !=INT, FLOAT (if not no_float), bool, char, (), ImmutableString
>, >=, <, <=INT, FLOAT (if not no_float), char, (), ImmutableString